First of all, thanks to so many for sharing their holiday traditions on FB and in personal message. One of the most encouraging things to me was the person who wrote and basically said, whatever you do, no matter how small, will slowly become valued traditions for my family.
We have implemented some and will implement more.

A few says ago, my post was sort of directed to a working parent to be grateful for the things a stay at home parent does. Today, my thoughts are to encourage the stay at home parent to be grateful for what you get to do.
This is not a complaint post because I am working. As I was walking to work before sunrise and looking at the beautiful capital building, I was overcome by gratefulness to God for giving me this awesome job. There are parts of it that are incredibly hard and soul numbing, but it’s also incredible that I get to do this.

But as I drove home, I felt like a visitor going to visit this baby again and not her mother. We reconnect on weekends, but it can be hard to fully connect during our too short evenings no matter how much I hold and nurse.

These are a list of things, if I stayed home I’d be sick of, but they are things I miss cause I never get to do, some during the week, some at all

Refilling the diaper wipes
Changing dirty diapers
Putting her down for naps/holding her for naps
Getting her dressed
Feeling like anything with her is routine
Taking her outside to see the yard
Feeding her breakfast or lunch
Doing her laundry

No I am not complaining that my husband takes care of so much, but I’m hoping that some of you, who do get to do these tasks, can appreciate this special and short time you have to do these things for your baby.

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