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Messy Real Life

No polished photographs on this page, but I love these real life photos all the same.  Dirty hair, fussy girl, blurry, out of focus, who cares.  It’s the girl I love and a photo of the foot I love.

This is normal.  She dresses adorably, but had mixed two-year old moods.  I’m a bit of a mess, maybe put on make-up earlier, trying to hide dirty hair, or not.

We are surrounded by her daddy.  Photos on the mirror.  Photos over the bed.

Last night she said, “Daddy loves you.”  I tell her that often, and doesn’t always get her “you” and “me” pronouns right.  She always says “me hold you,” when she wants me to hold her.  And what do I say to correct that?  I always respond,”you want me to hold you?”  Duh, that’s just what she just said.

Zoya is funny.  She is getting so good at please and thank you.  She can finally go get her diapers and wipes and even the bag for the dirty diaper.  And she really isn’t fussy all the time.  In the middle of these selfies, she was happy as can be.


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