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Part Two of Our Story – Why I Went to Istanbul to Meet Him


Yesterday, I left the house at 530, drove to Augusta, taught for 4 hours and drove home. I was seriously too tired to do anything but watch and feed the baby. Oh yeah, and get ready for house guests and pack to go out of town.
So I’m going to continue to post little bits of our story after I share that while very unconventional, Zoya is very deliberately getting around. It’s has as many moves as a sun salutation, complete with this leg left and a downward dog.

But THIS after a few months of texting and talking this guy, who had only basic English skills, this is how I decided to meet him:

Shah and I started talking on the 27th and continued talking, but I had no intentions of getting caught up in another impossible relationship.  Several times in those first months he would start talking about our possible future and his feelings and I would freak out.  If he wasn’t so awesome about responding with full understanding and patience, this never would have happened. 

Ever since my well traveled friend Simon came back from Istanbul about 4 years ago and told me it was his favorite place, it has been at the very top of my travel list.  So when Shah suggested we meet in Istanbul, I decided it would be fun.  Seriously, if you know me, you know I’ve done crazier things.  I’d tried to plan a trip to Istanbul by myself a few years before, so how was it possibly that much crazier to meet a semi stranger there?

I knew Shah had high hopes for our visit, but I had none.  I was splitting my vacation time between Amsterdam and Istanbul, and quite frankly, I was more interested in seeing male friends from Amsterdam.  But it all changed when I saw him at the airport, on May 29, 2013.  He had an air of confidence about him as he walked towards me holding those roses, and I knew I was going to fall for him.

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