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Security vs Stability – 2015 Theme

Last year, as I was thinking about the year that was ending and the year ahead, and I was marveling over all of the wonderful changes that had occurred in 2014, I felt my theme word for 2015 would be something between stability and security.

2014 was insane and wonderful.  A few highlights?

  • Fiancé moved to the US.
  • God married.
  • Bought a house.
  • Husband got a work permit and started working.
  • Husband got new job.
  • In-laws moved in with us for 3 months.
  • Got pregnant.
  • I got new job.

After that whirlwind, I was craving normalcy and I thought we were heading for a time where things would normalize and we would grow some roots.

And then 2015 started.

For most of the year, it felt like every time we made any sort of plan something changed.  Company went out of business.  Nanny got a new job.  It was the opposite of what I imagined.  But then again, it was exactly what I was promised.

In 2015, I learned the most important lesson.  But security and stability are found in my relationship with Christ and not in outside circumstances.  As finances and circumstances are blown around like cows in a hurricane, I am completely secure, protected and cared for by Christ.  I am in no more danger when everything in life is changing and jobs are being loss, than I am when everything is staying the same.  God can provide regardless of job and circumstance stability.  And stability does not come from unchanging worldly circumstances, it comes from constant stable spiritual relationships and circumstances.



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