So what do you do when baby is sick for the first time and you decide sleep just isn’t worth it?  I can only read so many articles about caring for a cold, baby fever and co-sleeping with a sick baby.

I can’t write, but I can catch up on advent reading.


Four more days of advent. It’s not to late to really dig in to this season.

You can put in ear plugs and watch TV. A particularly emotional NCIS thanksgiving episode that makes you cry can be quite relaxing.

Or you can blog about all the new things you have just experienced like:

Picking out a shirt that’s will be soft when baby wipes her nose on you. (It’s so much easier than wiping it yourself)

Snotty noses and breastfeeding feeding are gross. You get connected to your child via snot.

Google doesn’t seem to know what it means when a baby has a hot head but cold cheeks, though lots of mothers ask.

Thrown up Tylenol has a stickiness that doesn’t easily go away.

You finally can back out on a commitment without feeling terribly guilty, when you do it for your sick child. Even though you do still feel a little guilty at least you did it.

You need a reclining chair, but then again, Google says that is much more dangerous than co-sleeping so maybe you should just stay in bed.

Time goes slowly. I think at 4:00 it will be my husband’s shift.

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