Mornings in Savannah


This is actually the second time in five years that I have had a conference in downtown Savannah and been able to walk around before the stores opened,  while the sky was getting lighter and the joggers were enjoying the empty sidewalks; but it is the first morning that I have had a cafe con leche with a heart.
On my way to this conference, I walked past The Coffee Fox. I knew I needed coffee since I had too much on my mind  the night before to really sleep well. (It wasn’t bad stuff, just trying to figure out how I was going to moderating three panels with over 20 expert speakers.)
I had wanted to go to The Coffee Fox last month when we were in Savannah, because it had a sign out front offering Czech-Texas pastries. I didn’t know Czech-Texas was a thing before seeing that sign. But today I had a Czech-Texas pastry, I believe called a kolache, and I continued to expand my exploration into coffee drinks. Both firsts were a success.
The cafe con leche, sweetened expresso with steamed milk, did the trick although I just watched a news report of the conference and I seemed to have been using excessive hand gestures. Though I’m tempted to blame that on trying to stand at a podium, rather than walk while I talked.
The egg and cheese kolache turned out to be a hard boiled egg in the middle of a not sweet, by American standards, pastry, topped with a little mild-flavored cheese. Mostly just liked it, because it was different. But that goes a long way in my book. I’d actually say, because it was foreign and unique, I loved it.

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