19 Weeks

IMG_2845I can’t believe it has been 19 weeks, almost 20.  You are the most adorable thing that ever existed.  Yes, I’m biased, but I’m really enjoying this.  But it is going way too fast.  You really have taken this 4 month old sleep regression thing to heart and have started waking up in the middle of the night for the first time in months.  I’m sleepy, but I don’t mind.  You will only be this small for a short time.  I will only have a few more times to wake up at 4:00 am with you.  Maybe it will be a lot more times, but in the grand scheme of your life, it won’t be that many more times.

You are trying to roll over.  According to Daddy you did once, but now you seem to make it about 5/6th of the way and then stall.

I don’t want to miss a single moment.  We are all a little sick, but it wasn’t until I was sure you were sound asleep and had already had a chance to hold you several times while you slept that I was willing to take a nap while Daddy got a turn to hold you.  I only had one goal for this weekend, and I achieved that goal.  I held you on my chest while you napped.  Life is too short to take naps when you are around.

About Camila

Based in Atlanta, but from the mountains of North Carolina. New widow of a man from Iran. Mother of one precious girl. Anti-human trafficking expert. Sister to 16 siblings (Yes, some of are adopted). Daughter of God.

1 comment on “19 Weeks

  1. Catherine Wright

    I know the feeling.


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