This is one of those posts that is just for my future memory.  I want to remember these amazing days.  I want to remember these days, not just in the future, but tomorrow when I’m at work I want to remember these things, because these are the things that are most important to me.

So for a few of my favorite things:

She still has ghost smiles when I nurse her back to sleep in the morning.

She has the best sleep schedule for a night owl, she sleeps from about midnight until 10 or 11 am.  I have to go to sleep before she does and that makes me jealous of her extra time with daddy.

She has rolled over from back to stomach, but not from stomach to back.  She loves her stuffed unicorn, swing, and mobile from Iran.

She says something that sounds like girl.

She loves to sit in the corner of the couch beside me and look around.

Daddy gets to stay home with her while I’m at work and she is very happy with the arrangement.

Daddy brings her at least once a week to visit me at work.  It is the highlight of my week.

She is ticklish, especially under her arms and her feet.

She seems to be teething and loves her teether.

She barely eats in the morning, but from 2-6 she eats once an hour.

She can do crunches to sit up from a leaning position.

She loves to laugh when we talk to her and make faces.

She eats as soon as I get home, no matter when she last ate.

IMG_2782 IMG_2815 IMG_2816 IMG_2761 IMG_2781 IMG_2790 IMG_2799 IMG_2737 IMG_2739 IMG_2751

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