San Antonio


We took an amazing trip to meet Daddy’s brother and his brother’s family in San Antonio. I have so many thoughts about our time with his American brother who is currently serving time in prison, but to sum them up, he is an example of someone who is truly free in Christ and doesn’t just have an impact on the people who are in prison with him, through the power of prayer he affects the lives of so many that he doesn’t even have direct contact with.
The trip was wonderful but I hope I never have to travel in the backseat again. When I’m in the front I am exploring a place with Daddy. When I am in the back, I’m just along for the ride. It’s amazing how different the connection is.
I also realized one of the most important things to me in a husband is someone who shares me same degree of outrage or lack thereof. An hour wait for our rental car, an hour wait for our hotel room, no hot water in the hotel one night and no water the next afternoon. Our response to all of these things was, it’s OK. We’ll be fine. I really think the primary difference between an awesome trip and the trip from hell is one’s reaction to what happens.

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