Who Am I and Why Do I Write?


It’s time for a theme change.  It isn’t just a blog theme change.  It’s a life theme change.  I leave the original “About Me’s” up, because it’s important to remember where I came from and how I got where I am now.  I started writing to share my journey into motherhood, as my new Iranian husband and I embarked on the life I always wanted, trusting God, despite challenges, that he would always provide for us.  “THE BEGINNING” is where I used to be.



Note: I’m not ready to update this.  I’m not ready to rewrite my life.  I can only write a small note for now.  On June 1, 2016 my husband was shot and killed while driving for Lyft.  So this was my life as I saw it a year ago.  So if you are wondering why my writing doesn’t match the “About” it is because life changed in a way I don’t even want to think about and I’m trying to figure out how to be in this new reality.

This is a news story that generally gets it right.


Life in a nutshell.

I’m a Southern girl with a Yankee mother.  Born and living in the South though I’ve spent time off and on in the Netherlands.  At 35 I met an Iranian in Istanbul.  He moved and we married the next year.  Now the year after that, at 37, I have my first beautiful child.

I always planned to stay home with my child, but that does not appear to be God’s plan, so when our baby turns 12 weeks I will have to return to a fairly stressful, influential, and emotionally scaring job.

I’m trusting God has a plan to provide for us and I hope to write about his provision on this blog as time goes on.  He will provide strength for our current circumstances and change for the future.

This is a place for me to record this new journey.  It is a place to record this new life.  This is a story for baby girl of how God provided for her and for us.  This is a story for baby girl of how much she is loved.  This is a blog of praise for what God has done and what he is yet to do.

I use the names Baby and Daddy more than the given names (thought I sometimes slip up and use the real names).  I do this because someday they will create their own web presence and the top result of a search for their name should be the life they have created, and not the ramblings of Mommy and Wife.

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