So I’m really kinda obsessed with my child.  I’ll admit it.  I think just about everything she says or does is so cute and funny.  Thankfully, I think her aunt agrees with me, because she sends me texts photos and videos all day about things she says and does.

I hope everyone is this way with their children.  Of course, I don’t like her tantrums, but her logic is fantastic.  She is not Miss Bossy Pants, because she is a children and only adults are the boss.  We don’t talk during the singing, but when the pastor starts to talk apparently it is time for everyone to talk.  “I am a lady and I am a person.”

Sometimes her logic is hard.  She can’t call her daddy who is with God because God said she can’t.

Her exuberance is my favorite.  The duck is so beautiful.  I love your mimis.  I slept good and great and good.  Kate is soooooo cute.  I like Canaan even more than Kate.  (Seeing an unflushed toilet,) I think that was Kate’s, that would be really, really great.  Mommy, I love Poli.  That man is a good man.  He is a person.

I especially like when she sees a beautiful animal, tree, or other bit of nature.  Pre-marriage, one of the things I most wanted in a partner was someone to share my enjoyment of the beautiful things I was seeing.  My travel buddy is a little young now, but she is showing great potential to be nature and travel enthusiast I’ve always wanted.




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